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March 18, 2015

Confronting Climate Change: A Faculty Roundtable

The global community is focusing increased attention on climate change and its implications not only for the environment, but also for economic and social development, governance, and security. Following World Bank Group President Jim Kim's Global Futures lecture, a panel of faculty climate experts joined Vice President for Global Engagement Thomas Banchoff and Global Futures Fellow Tasmia Rahman to address the importance of climate change for the policy community and for interdisciplinary research and teaching at Georgetown.

The discussion was sponsored by the Global Futures Initiative, the Georgetown Environment Initiative, and the MSFS program within the School of Foreign Service.

Thomas Banchoff, Vice President for Global Engagement (moderator)

Laura Anderko, Associate Professor and Scanlon Chair in Values Based Health Care, NHS

Vicki Arroyo, Executive Director, Georgetown Climate Center, Georgetown Law Center

Joanna Lewis, Associate Professor of Science, Technology and International Affairs, SFS

Tasmia Rahman, Graduate Student, Masters of International Development Policy, McCourt School