Interdependence and technological change have placed security issues within a more global frame. Terrorism, civil war, and failed states are generating increased refugee flows and cross-border threats. Military rivalries are compounded by conflicts in cyberspace. A more secure and just future will require creative leadership, effective institutions, and greater intercultural understanding.

The Global Future of Security was the focus of the Georgetown Global Futures Initiative during the spring 2016 semester. A series of lectures by leaders of major international organizations framed a structured conversation with faculty, students, and a global audience about key security challenges and how to address them in the decades to come.

The lectures were complemented by a range of other events across campus related to the theme of security, as well as a global online dialogue including more than 40 scholars, students, and practitioners around the world.

For an overview of Georgetown’s engagement with issues of security across schools and programs, visit the Global Georgetown website.

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Zero Hunger: A Foundation of Global Stability and Prosperity

April 12, 2016

Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Programme Ertharin Cousin explored how the current unprecedented level of crisis in our world—coupled with persistent hunger and poverty—undermines global stability and threatens our collective…

The Global Future of Security

March 21, 2016

Global security is at a crossroads. Historical challenges of terrorism, nuclear proliferation, and great power rivalry increasingly intersect with new concerns including environmental and cyber security. How should the United States and the…

Human Security in the Face of Violent Extremism

February 22, 2016

The last several years have seen an upsurge in ethnic and sectarian violence around the world. The rise of ISIS and other extremist groups poses deep security challenges for particular societies and for the global community as a whole.