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April 27, 2015

Week 13: Responding to Tony Blair

Bloggers this week responded to the Global Futures talk by former prime minister Tony Blair, held April 23 at Georgetown, on the topic of governance and development in Africa.

  • Tasmia Rahman explores the challenges of promoting good governance in developing countries. She focuses on the transfer of knowledge between West and East and the complications that arise when developing countries are politically corrupt.
  • Felix Obi echoes Tony Blair's optimism about Africa's prospects but highlights five imperatives that are needed to translate promise into reality. Foreshadowing next semester's Global Futures dialogue, he stresses the vital importance of good governance.
  • Ravi Subramanian focuses on the topic of taxation, a topic that Blair emphasized in his talk. Taxation provides revenues that allow governments to act, but the manner of taxation also affects quality of governance. It amounts to a bargain with taxpayers.