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Global Future of Governance

Global Future of Governance

December 4, 2015

Reflections on the Future of Global Governance Blog Post

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon reflected on the future of global governance in a speech this fall. His remarks, excerpted below, call on the global governance community to focus increasingly on prevention and resilience, strengthen partnerships, acquire and manage resources, and include women and girls in key activities. 

As Georgetown’s semester-long series of events and conversations about global governance come to a close, we have asked faculty and students to reflect on the secretary-general’s remarks and propose their own prescriptions for the global governance community.


October 28, 2015

Head of U.N. Refugee Agency Calls for Greater Multilateral Cooperation on Migration Blog Post

António Guterres, UN high commissioner for refugees, continued Georgetown's conversation on global governance with his presentation on "Present and Future Challenges of Global Forced Displacement." (The event video and transcript are available.)

The high commissioner spoke about the main displacement and humanitarian challenges facing the international community at a time when the number of people uprooted by conflict and persecution stands at its highest since World War II. A key excerpt from his lecture is posted below. 

Georgetown faculty, students, and scholars around the world offer their responses to the high commissioner's remarks. All are welcome to join the conversation through the commenting feature.